AUT 2016/II



  1. Path
    The installation tells a story about the cultivation of one’s “inner garden”, using mapping as a tool to adopt it to the given space. The heterogeneous white pillar standing in the centre of the space is defined as a sign or essence to be decoded. The column is surrounded by a forest of translucent but at the same time reflecting surfaces where the visitors have to find their way to the centre of the space – constantly misguided by their own or someone else’s reflection.
  2. Artificial Nature
    The project accepts the dystopian vision and works along with it by artificially recreating one of the most essential elements of nature: fire. It is a campfire produced by machines: the sound comes from speakers, the heat is provided by an electric heater and the visual is recreated with a hologram.
  3. Y3540
    The title as a medical term: “legal intervention with sharp objects”. The spectacle of tree trunks suspended from the ceiling in an orthogonal grid impersonates each tree and creates a funeral garden.
  1. Interconnection
    The installation represents the constant bond between nature and men. A constantly rotating and spinning machine is fixed to the boughs of the trees that surround the building, creating monotonous twitches among the canopy.